Stress is fun!

There is SO MUCH to do starting a new business, I can’t keep track of it all! What’s my EIN again? Okay, I found that! Now, do you have your reseller’s license? My what? Seriously? Okay, nobody told you ANYthing, did they? Farg! Back to the drawing board! And an account with USPS and UPS and FedEx so my customers can choose their own favorite shipping. Duh. Why did I not think of that? And do this, and do that, and do the other thing…

Wow. My head is spinning, and aching, and I’m so tired.

I am scared to death, I don’t mind admitting. If this doesn’t work, I will be out a crap-ton of money, with no way to recoup it, and broker than ever, and losing money fast. But if I don’t even try, then I will still be losing money, just at a slightly slower pace. My income is lower than my expenses. Mom left me with a lot of expenses, owning two properties, a car, all this craziness. Real estate costs money even if you’re not using it, just sitting there it costs money. It’s crazy! I’m so scared. I have to do something, and I’m not qualified to do much of anything. Dropshipping doesn’t require much more than checking emails. This, I think I can do. Maybe. After I’ve paid someone else to set it all up for me, at least…

I have bigger dreams than this. Really I do. Grand, noble dreams of providing the public with things that they need, doing good in the world, helping people, making a difference. But for right now, I’ll just be happy if I can stop losing money. That’s dream enough for today. I’m not there yet, but to stop sliding backwards would be great. Breaking even would make me deliriously happy at this point in the game. Then we can worry about forward progress.

And I have to get that damnable apartment next door rented out. Fast. Gotta get a tenant in there so the pipes don’t freeze and speaking of real estate costing money, EMPTY real estate is a nightmare! Tenant, please, now! Rent money would be nice! Someone’s coming to look at it tomorrow, please let them be good! It’s a lady with two kids, and she says she is willing to paint herself and she’s figuring out section 8 and yes, I take section 8, I don’t care where the money is coming from as long as I get it, and yes, the house is section 8 approved because my last tenant had it. Just somebody, please, move in already!

Stress? Holidays? Don’t know what you’re talking about. Everything’s fine.


2 thoughts on “Stress is fun!

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  2. Hugs….Yes, stress can be very hard to deal with.


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